Consciousness Lotus

Consciousness Lotus

Image by Tc Morgan
Let us meditate, hang on while I get into lotus position here.

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8 Responses to Consciousness Lotus

  1. Nené ƸӜƷ says:

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  2. Robbie Phelan says:

    VISTO EN/ SEEN IN : INTENSOS ANIMALES Gracias/Thanks/Merci/Obrigado

  3. autismfamily says:

    great close up

  4. muralii nair says:

    Impressive work, well done!!!!!!

  5. Katalin Réz says:

    Szia from Hungary, My Animal’s Lover Friend!! I wondered today in my group with your lovely animal’s shot. Thank you! Happy autumn-days to you and many of laughter !! (: Be happy with your animals (:(:(: Here is late night – so here is Monday now (: Kati (szia=BYE or HELLO in Hungarian) These beautiful things are seen in animals are beautiful things in the WORLD (cats not): Monday – Comments and Graphics!

  6. Dreaming ... says:

    I love it !! Wild Life Shots!! You’re invited to join and post your photo at Wild Life Shots!! We would love to see your pic here!!

  7. jackline22 . says:

    You deserve the ” AMAZING NATURE WORLD AND CREATURES” Award Thank you for sharing your photo ! ‘ AMAZING NATURE WORLD and CREATURES’

  8. Katalin Réz says:

    (: -Thank you for sharing your photo in  award code by Adriënne, on Flickr —— ❀ Lovely Mother Earth ❀ —— Did you receive 3 awards or more Post it here please! Kindly tag: ” lovelymotherearth”

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