Consciousness Waves & Then Matters

Consciousness Waves & Then Matters

Image by Tc Morgan
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  1. Simon YEH 葉子 says:

    Beautiful shot^^

  2. Denise Trocio ( says:

    Beautiful shot and the HDR is very well done!

  3. Getunt says:

    Like a painting =D

  4. David JL says:

    Amazing work, love the colours!

  5. bug eye :) Thailand says:

    Beautiful image !

  6. bazingaboy says:

    Great HDR! Looks amazing!

  7. Uxío R says:

    Great picture!

  8. nèmò says:


  9. JDNEDream says:


  10. jmmc01 says:

    Excelente procesado. Saludos

  11. ☣Razorbacks☣ says:

    Excellent. How many Pictures?

  12. Tc Morgan says:

    [] Just 3 exposures. This is from 2010 I know more now and would get a different result. I am mostly pleased with this one. And I look forward to going back to this spot again in the future to make more images.

  13. Kaylin. says:

    Amazing shot! Love the colors!

  14. Domenico Di Cola says:

    Beautiful shot, great colours

  15. jim016 says:

    Awesome colors!! Great image!!

  16. JETravers says:

    Wow, wonderfully done, great shot and processing!

  17. DINITO1980 says:

    Lovely photo. Love the depth the photo provides.

  18. Samiul Alam Sadi says:

    Awesome Capture…

  19. Emertz76 says:

    Beautiful and wonderful colors!

  20. K3ntFIN says:

    Very cartoonish… Works well for this image.

  21. arv460 says:

    Excelente proceso

  22. Darius Darkly says:

    lots of colours here! i like the forground the best!

  23. Tobbe_N says:

    Colorful beauty!

  24. Luz Letamendi says:

    Great edit.

  25. Darren Olley (not online much) says:

    Great shot!

  26. Les_Stockton says:

    well done.

  27. shadman ali says:

    Brilliant HDR work (:

  28. Tea.H says:

    Absolutely awesome!!!!

  29. Anna Maria Brunetta says:


  30. an-ease says:

    Blast of Colours :)…love it

  31. Kyle Rivers says:

    The words nice shot are too cliche’ to properly describe this photo. This photo is extraordinary!!! I love the colors and the detail!

  32. Tommy - One says:

    Great work!

  33. Hashim Mohamed Hmam says:

    Amazing shot

  34. Dora-A says:

    Great colors!

  35. squarequilter says:


  36. Davey's Pix says:


  37. photobeam says:

    excellent !

  38. bohemiannie says:

    gorgeous – thought it was a painting

  39. robin_cic says:


  40. Aquamarine Images says:

    Lovely all the way! Have a great weekend!

  41. june@photo dot com says:

    love everything about this

  42. Jabi Artaraz says: - Cartoons PRECIOSA. Me encanta. Una gran imagen.

  43. krisisinvenice says:

    Stunning work!

  44. cathames says:

    great work!

  45. Rolf Piepenbring says:

    Hat off – great photograph! _ █ █ _

  46. concho cowboy says:

    nice picture

  47. Rakhi Rawat20 (Very busy) says:

    Lovely work. Nice processing.

  48. RobinBuhl says:

    Excellent work, beautiful!

  49. DeveionPhotography says:

    I really love that title! Beautiful shot man.

  50. Luca Santoro Photography © says:

    Amazing work !!!

  51. spysgrandson says:

    cool title for an appealing image

  52. LizNemmers says:

    Amazing HDR!!

  53. twinsearcher says:

    Well done; like the mix of the Colors!

  54. iris.din says:

    great work well done

  55. antonychammond says:

    。。This is a beautiful image!! Please add your photo to ~ ART-Color-Fun A different world Art-Color-Fun. (Pos 1, Awar 2)

  56. hectoromero says:

    Wonderful dance of colours! Great work!

  57. OffdaLipp says:

    My sister lives in Encinitas. Sweet shot

  58. WolfConglomerate says:

    I Would love to hand paint this, love it !

  59. Rubén Chase says:

    Good HDR, the colours are great!

  60. Vardy2010 says:

    Love it!!!

  61. rlzconway says:

    Massive hdr effort. power to u.

  62. faith goble says:


  63. Book'em says:

    Fantastic colors, thanks for the drop by and faves : )

  64. Bill_Cross says:

    It’s a beauty…………

  65. Mista Apies Haron ( canon user) says:

    Omg!! this is awesome!

  66. su-sa-ni-ta says:

    Magnifica vista !

  67. Runemaker says:


  68. Kent Freeman says:


  69. John M. Kennedy says:

    Take me there!

  70. paulbou says:

    What a wonderful work !

  71. Mrs. Terry says:

    Quite lovely and artistic. Seen in your photostream. Terry

  72. EdwinaFran says:

    Lovely work!

  73. ChrisH Photos says:

    Lovely colour and effect super capture.

  74. Hanga_tran says:

    Beautiful photo! Excellent work!

  75. Hanga_tran says:

    Comment Wonderfully photographed.

  76. guitarmate says:

    great hdr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your work!

  77. Charlijco/Juan Carlos Otero ©2013 says:

    Una edición con unos contrastes magníficos, saludos

  78. Peter-06 says:

    Superbe photo.

  79. Art by Arlene Babad says:

    Wonderful color and work.

  80. Cajaflez says:

    beautiful image

  81. Brian E Kushner says:

    Terrific shot!!!

  82. Candidgital Photography says:

    Brilliantly colourful processing.

  83. nanettesol says:

    cool edition for you ̈́Nice week

  84. Maurizio Carlieri says:

    Excellent HDR Fantastic work! :) beautiful HDR,You are invited to join the HDR! group / on "HDR!" group P1/C3

  85. tsuping.liu says:

    Excellent image.

  86. stephen.riley3049 is away says:

    Thanks for your visit and fav. You have a great story! Love this HDR

  87. quico_g says:

    very nice and great picture and colours!! Well done

  88. eyecmore says:

    Kudos! Peace to all.

  89. redailia1 says:

    Beautiful work! Congrats!

  90. danny1792 says:

    stunning colors.

  91. sébouche says:

    Superb capture a beautiful photographic result. Congratulations and good continuation.

  92. Snuffy says:

    Beautiful colours. Thanks for your visits and favs. Have a great Sunday.

  93. Μehdi says:

    Awesome colors, Nice process :)

  94. Ricardo Loboazul says:

    Psychedelic work with an excellent effect.

  95. Martin's Little Shop of Photos says:

    Beautiful HDR. This is my favorite tree in the reflection garden.

  96. judojudo says:

    ㊋㊌㊍㊋ JUDO JUDO E LA FOTOGRAFIA – group – ㊋㊋㊌㊍ uccello-framed Special Admin Award

  97. Lucky Lucas says:

    very nice strong HDR! excellent work!

  98. Gatto.Lotus says:

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  99. Bill E2011 says:

    We would love to have your nature beauty in our group!

  100. birdlives9 says:

    very lovely image

  101. Rondlarg says:

    Outstanding work!

  102. Colin Majury says:

    Wow! Now that is stunning. Lovely HDR. This photo is a good sample in the flickr. It is awarded the flickr Award! flickrAward (post1 – award 5) Please Tag your photo with “flickrAward” and visit the flickr Award Gallery Please post the photo to flickr Award 5+ thread if you received 5 or more of this award

  103. M_Strasser says:

    beautiful compo, stunning editing


    Beautiful capture and processing!

  105. Beginner*s Mind happy Time-0ut ~ ;-) says:

    ((-; …. that´s a good one! & the pacific is just so damn near … Namasté!

  106. The Spirit of the World says:

    Such a great image of California!!!

  107. onosim says:

    just -excellent

  108. pedro.marcoris says:

    Amazing ! Thank You

  109. dxbach says:

    beautiful HDR, looks like a fairy tale

  110. JWE 2020 says:

    Love the strong bright colors and exceptional layout and design…Nice Work…jwe

  111. Kim Shields - Carlson says:

    Very pretty nice color wow

  112. a r malfatti says:

    Simply wonderful!

  113. Supernoob7000 says:

    Nice shot! At least they didn’t tell you to throw your camera away this time! lol

  114. SUZY.M 83 says:

    j’aime ce HDR superbe travail ! Merci pour votre visite

  115. BA AB says:

    Beautiful color, good composition.

  116. Rohdrygo says:

    Fantástico trabalho, TC Morgan!! Belíssimas cores!! Tenha uma ótima semana, meu amigo!!

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