Consortium of Genius

Consortium of Genius
Event on 2013-03-29 21:00:00
Buy discount tickets here!  at the doorAboutVISIT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: within their secret lair, three mad scientists and one smart-alecky robot are hatching an evil plot: TO ROCK the EARTH into OBLIVION!

My fellow scientists, ladies, gentlemen and members of the worldwide PRESS, allow me to introduce myself, for soon MY NAME will be a household WORD. I am Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, founder and leader of the Consortium of Genius – a group best known as the C.O.G.!!!

Since 1996 we have been devoting all our TIME, TALENT, and obvious GOOD LOOKS into the singleminded pursuit of TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Except for that one time we attempted to DESTROY the world… but I digress. Look, we ARE going to take over the world, whether the world is ready for us or not! And we intend to accomplish this worthy goal in the LOUDEST manner possible. Or my name isn't Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III!!!

Think YOU can stop us?!?? Go ahead and try… I DARE you. I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!! Mwahahahahahahaha! Heh.Description THE GREATEST GENIUSES IN ROCK HISTORY!Band Interests TAKING OVER THE WORLD via EVIL SONIC SCIENCE!!!Artists We Also Like

Korn, Rammstein, Misfits, Elvis, Kiss, Meatloaf, Metallica, The B-52's, Dokken, Bauhaus, Spïnal Tap, Queen, Dead Kennedies, Tool, Neil Diamond, Devo, Daler Mendhi, The Dazz Band, Thrill Kill Kult, AC/DC, Rodney Carrington, Richard O'Brien, Lynyrd Skynyr

at Green Project Space
2831 marais st
New Orleans, United States

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