Conspiracy Theorist Calls Christopher Dorner Manhunt A Hoax (Thank u rebel4Christ75)

Conspiracy Theorist Calls Christopher Dorner Manhunt A Hoax (Thank u rebel4Christ75)

(Thank u rebel4Christ75)

20 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorist Calls Christopher Dorner Manhunt A Hoax (Thank u rebel4Christ75)

  1. it seems we cannot trust Media anylonger..The Networks need to pick up advertising and the Retailer’s needed to increase sells..And to do them both they need us to be glued to the television..It’s not hard to figure out..,Entertainment Sells..

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  3. chris dorner the first american to have a reward for his capture without the DA even chargeing him??? his REWARD was issued on FEB 10th???? the DA didnt charge him with a crime till FEB 11th ???the first american to be wanted without a charge ???

  4. PLEASE CALL or EMAIL MAX BAUCUS, the CONFIRMATION MEMBERS and THE PRESIDENT – ASK THEM TO GET SOMEONE ELSE FOR SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY. Someone who will stand up for middle and working class Americans. Reports say he favored deregulation of Wall Street. Watch the confirmation hearing. He wants to “expand the base and lower corporate tax rates”, and will consider “revenue neutral” tax codes which means corporations and the rich will decide who pays what taxes and who gets the revenue.

  5. Maybe they agreed with you but they can’t agree with you on the record. From what they have written they make it seem like you’re making alot of sense, but retort with fluff. I think this was maybe a good exposure for you man. Keep up the good work

  6. Shya ..they are so freaking obvious it is so pathetic………they label everything…stupid is as stupid does…everything intention is in writing somewhere….they label everything…idiots…

  7. Kudos for getting the recognition. It’s interesting to wonder why your vid on Droner, I mean Dorner, was the focus of an article, but there hasn’t been the same type of focus on any Sandy Hook video (except the viral one, which is way out of date now but still pops up at the top of every search). Maybe it’s because 100s of vids appear every week and it would be a full time job trawling through to find the good ones!

  8. anyone interested in the truth get the fuck outta youtube. Youtube is for laughs, facts are diluted in the media and youtubers mostly use MEDIA Investigate god damn it

  9. They burned the cabin down without knowing if there were hostages or if it was Dorner inside? They shoot three(3) innocent people because their cars were similar to Dorner’s? THEY WANTED THIS GUY DEAD FOR OTHER REASON’S THAN A “MANIFESTO”. LAPD = Unprofessional, Reckless, and Corrupted

  10. I ACTUALLY do find this entire thing suspicious. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, and I am no alarmist, conspiracy lover, even a current news junkie just looking for the next big story to get off on… I watched this last night and read his “manifesto”, and I at a loss for words. Something is/was WRONG. No answers will come though, which makes it worse. Like I said. Just a regular woman who will search for truth and answers when I sense foul play or confusion, no matter who it’s coming from.

  11. Maybe not a complete hoax, but for sure a false flag operation. The news footage is just so inconsistent. LAPD and LA co. sherriffs dpt. probably one of the most imposing police forces in the country and the media portrays them as victims of one man?? The footage of the cabin where he supposedly burned up as of last night shows very little police presence. Maybe take the angle of that rather than comparing who the guy looks like or might be. Takes away from credibility that is there show that!!

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