Discovers Negative SEO Marketing Aimed at Law Firms

Raleigh, N.C. (PRWEB) August 16, 2014, Inc. , a national leader in law firm Web marketing, reports that a suspicious and alarming spike in harmful backlinks to a clients website led to one of the companys analysts uncovering a negative SEO campaign that attempted to harm the websites of law firms in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

In the day-to-day world of SEO, it is not always that you get to play detective, writes J.R. Oakes, Consultwebs.coms director of search marketing, in a new blog post about his investigation posted on the industry blog,

In the 2,100-word investigative report, Oakes writes that this is the first true example of negative SEO that he has observed. What he discovered, Oakes says, should strike fear in the heart of every law firm.

In the report, Bernie Clark of Majux Marketing explains that negative SEO refers to a practice in which a competitor damages the Internet footprint of a website by engaging in tactics that are likely to trigger a red flag in Googles algorithm. This can negatively impact the sites ranking or even cause Google to drop pages or an entire website from its search index.

A negative SEO campaign can be done manually or with inexpensive software, Oakes states.

In the case he investigated, numerous bad backlinks were being posted to the targeted law firms websites.

Relevant incoming links can have a positive effect on a websites search engine rankings. For law firms, this might include links from scholarly articles or news reports related to the kinds of cases the firm handles. On the other hand, low-quality incoming links from websites or articles not relevant to the law firm sites content can hurt rankings, according to Oakes.

We found that a large portion of the highest ranking sites [examined in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area] had seen a surge in low-quality backlinks over the three-month period, Oakes writes. Many of these low-quality backlinks overlapped, indicating that someone was using the same harmful backlink campaign against those same clients.

Oakes reports that he and fellow analysts eventually identified two law firms that were likely to be behind the negative SEO campaign. The article does not name the suspects.

Oakes reports that has contacted Google about its concerns and has shared its findings with other SEO marketing firms in the impacted geographic area.

In the article, Oakes provides steps that can be taken to protect clients websites from negative SEO campaigns. He also calls upon Google for help.

Google should include some type of tool in Web Master Tools that notifies you of new links that appear to be harmful and that gives you the option of easily disavowing them, he writes.

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