Consumer Justice Foundation Announces That Depakote Attorneys Can Help Seek Compensation for Skeletal Malformations Allegedly Linked to Depakote Use During Pregnancy

(Vocus/PRWEB) April 11, 2011

For millions of people, Depakote has been almost a miracle drug. First approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration in 1983 for epilepsy, this anticonvulsant drug manufactures by Abbott Laboratories is now treating a wide range of symptoms for many medical conditions in addition to epilepsy. These include seizure disorders the manic phase of bipolar disorders and migraine headaches.

Recent studies by the New England Journal of Medicine have clearly demonstrated a strong association between the use of Depakote by pregnant women and children being born with a number of birth injuries or defects. The evidence is now so persuasive that in a recent alert the FDA cautioned physicians and patients about the use of Depakote and the possible side effects that can cause skeletal defects, defects of the brain and spinal cord, craniofacial defects (abnormally formed face or skull) and cardiovascular malformations (abnormally formed heart or blood vessels). (Source: Birth Defects Related to Depakote and Similar Drugs, Dec 2009, (Source: “The Teratogenicity of Anticonvulsant Drugs”, New England Journal of Medicine, April 2001).

The skeletal malformations linked with the use of Depakote during pregnancy are numerous; clubfoot and anencephaly are just two of them. Clubfoot is distinguished by the inward turn of the foot and the toes pointing down. It is the most common congenital disorder of the legs. The malformation can be slight, severe or even rigid. Children with clubfoot must be treated from birth to approximately three years of age with casts, braces and continuous physical therapy. (Source: “The Teratogenicity of Anticonvulsant Drugs, New England Journal of Medicine, April 2001)

Anencephaly is another skeletal malformation, specifically of the skull. Early in the development of the fetus, the upper part of the neural tube does not form correctly, remaining open. Babies are born with part of their skull and brain missing. There is no treatment and death occurs within a few days.

The anguish that parents feel for a child born with a clubfoot or anencephaly can be incredibly overwhelming. The assistance of someone such as a Depakote attorney that has the professional skills and diligence can ensure parents are compensated by the drug company, Abbott Laboratories, Inc., the manufacturers of Depakote, to help pay for the extensive medical care any child with a clubfoot will need.

Parents who have experienced such a devastating loss are now discovering an important information resource about Depakote lawsuits at, an informational website developed by the Consumer Justice Foundation. Not only are Depakote attorneys prepared to answer parents many questions, but also do so with great concern and compassion for the tragedies that families must bear.

Depakote lawyers encourage parents who think their use of Depakote may have caused their childrens clubfoot, anencephaly or other birth injuries or defects to submit a free legal claim review at The attorneys will apply their extensive experience in this area of law to determine the strength of every case and the maximum compensation they should seek. In addition to individual compensation, participation in a class action lawsuit may also be appropriate.


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