Consumer-Level VR is About to Get Real: uSens Prepares for Launch with Pre-Orders for All-in-One VR/AR Headset Impression Pi

San Jose, Calif. (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

Silicon Valley-based startup uSens, Inc. is now one-step closer to its goal of bringing advanced virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to consumers everywhere with the formal pre-order program for Impression Pi, its combination virtual reality (VR) plus augmented reality (AR) headset product. Now that the products development and early production cycles are drawing to a close, the product is available for pre-order via its official website at

Impression Pi will be a unique and highly customizable product that offers both advanced, interactive VR and AR features as well as a completely wireless, compact design for convenient portability. The product is available for pre-order at multiple price levels, which include:

$ 79 Starter Pack
Ships with a foldable headset for mobile devices and fashionable faceplate.

$ 199 Core Package
Ships with the Impression Pi vision board the brains of Impression Pi a camera sensing module and computer vision algorithms which provide 3D gesture recognition, hand tracking, position tracking and augmented reality. Headset not included.

$ 279 Empower Package
Ships with headset and integrated computer vision board, compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.

$ 379 All-in-One Master Package
Ships with an all-in-one integrated headset with full VR, AR and 3D motion-sensing hardware. Has its own display and embedded computer system and works without a smartphone.

Pre-ordered Impression Pi items will be available during the 2015 Christmas holiday season.

uSens recently closed out a successful crowdfunding campaign for Impression Pi on Kickstarter, during which the product surpassed its initial funding goal within the first weekend and ended up smashing through the 300% funding mark by the conclusion.

Impression Pi will be a consumer-level VR/AR solution that offers enhanced virtual interfaces for any user with a modern smartphone not just for hardcore gamers. The Impression Pi team includes researchers with decades of combined experience researching advanced computer vision and human-computer interaction (HCI) systems, and it will be compatible with apps from other headsets such as GearVR and Google Cardboard, the final product will also offer its own software development kit (SDK) for ambitious programmers who seek to create their own Impression Pi apps to appear on the Pi Store.

Additional Information:

Pre-Order Impression Pi at the official Impression Pi website:

Download the Impression Pi press kit:

Visit the uSens company website:

Contact uSens: customerservice(at)usens(dot)com

About uSens Inc.:

Since its founding in 2013, uSens has been dedicated to changing the way people interact with the virtual world. With our Fingo and Fingo Virtual Touch products, weve developed considerable expertise in gesture recognition technology. Weve applied this expertise and our teams considerable experience in computer vision technology to create significant advancements in the virtual reality and augmented reality field with Impression Pi. uSens currently operates from locations in San Jose, California and Hangzhou, China.

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