ConsumerTrack Inc. Elevates to an Internet Marketing Platform in its 9th Year in Online Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

Last year, ConsumerTrack focused on evolving its proprietary technology platform to expand revenue and Web traffic growth through social media, mobile marketing and local targeting. This heavy tech focus in 2012 allowed the company to enjoy its 9th year of business as a premier Internet marketing company, which owns over 1,500 local banking and insurance sites, providing hyper-local, regional and national targeting for its top Banking and Insurance clients.

ConsumerTrack also launched optimized mobile paths for its credit properties, including click-to-call capabilities providing deeper integration with its credit bureau and credit agency clients both online and offline. ConsumerTrack has expanded its customer acquisition offerings to both national and local banks and credit unions, while growing the first of its kind, local bank rate table within that provides interest rates from over 6,000 local banks and credit unions.

ConsumerTrack has continued to focus on its mission to grow and improve its world-class team, with laser focus on its Technology Team, allowing ConsumerTrack to continue to make quick entry into new verticals and products. The company has grown its relationships with its customer base, which includes the largest U.S. insurance companies, banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and credit agencies.

Some additional highlights include: Continued organic traffic growth of by over 80% from 2011, as well as improved credit product offerings to consumers from premium partnerships with a global leader in credit information and information management services.

The Companys 2013 plans center on rapid growth of its flagship websites, including:, and

“ConsumerTracks technology advancements have evolved the company into a full-service Online Customer Acquisition Platform with the ability to launch new products and websites in verticals and quickly scale for new clients,” remarks Jeff Bartlett, President of ConsumerTrack. We are very proud that our team has put us in a position for rapid growth in 2013 and beyond within our existing areas of focus as well as new vertical markets.”

2013 target verticals include: travel, health and e-commerce. ConsumerTrack has begun research for potential acquisitions and strategic partners to accelerate its current growth.

About ConsumerTrack, Inc.

ConsumerTrack, Inc. is an Internet marketing platform launched in 2004, providing lead generation, performance based marketing and customer acquisition services to its clients through online marketing to consumers for credit scores and credit monitoring, auto insurance, banking, CD accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages and auto loans, as well as credit card marketing and home, life and health insurance.

ConsumerTrack released the first of its kind GoMediaNetwork ( in 2007, with a network of consumer financial websites spanning close to 1,500 individual banking and insurance sites, which rank organically for hundreds of thousands of local keywords and generate traffic for large national banks and insurance companies along with thousands of local banks and credit unions.

For more information about the new ConsumerTrack, Inc. website, or other ConsumerTrack products, please visit, or contact Business Development at 310.297.9233 x225.

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