Content And Marketing Leverage Techniques At The Ultimate Web Blueprint Workshop on the Gold Coast

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) September 08, 2012

A new Google Pengiun update is on its way and it is already causing a lot of panic among SEOers and business owners who want to rank first among search engine results. This is just another proof that we have to constantly adapt and that the internet is not a domain that we can learn from a single book.

It is a real problem for all business owners and entrepreneurs. With the internet being a landscape that is constantly changing its shape, it is becoming harder and harder to keep adapting to its requirements. This only leads to confusion and frustration.

Ms Lewis is well aware of this issue and in a recent Ultimate Web Blueprint seminar she shared with her guests the latest methods to stay ahead of the competition. Those who attended the Gold Coast event on the 8th of September learned about the importance of implementing online marketing techniques and strategies in order to take advantage of the changings in the media.

Business owners are having a hard time now more than ever to find a way to get their websites to rank on the front page of search engines. It is tiring and frustrating not to know how to do this., says Ms Lewis. And now, with Google placing more emphasis on the need for good quality content to be added on a regular basis, things are getting even foggier. I understand why many business owners feel overwhelmed when they try to find a way to manage this process in a time efficient way that will still generate good results.

Ms Lewis decided that it was time to establish a sense of order and therefore, she shared ways to leverage a piece of content and use is in various media. The workshop was centered on how people can play with a piece of content and transform it into several other pieces of content, which allows users to simply republish the same content in different formats.

Fiona Lewis says, I was able to show participants how to quickly create quality content that could be re-purposed and then syndicated across multiple traffic channels. The best part about this process is that it can be systemized and much of it outsourced so the business owner can focus on other important business building activities!

The seminar was a complete success and all those who attended left with many new ways to leverage their work. Ms Lewis said, I knew that the seminar was valuable, but I wasnt expecting it to be so warmly welcomed and appreciated by the attendees. I was amazed at how well people responded to what I was sharing and I am glad that I was able to help them discover how easy this process is!

The Ultimate Web Blueprint Workshop will be held in other locations all across Australia, so for all those who are interested in attending, they should keep a close eye on

About Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis is Australias leading coach, expert author and speaker. She worked as a teacher until 2008 when she decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the sea of online marketing. Since then, she has started several online businesses, among which are worthy of being mentioned Mumpreneurs Online, Mentoring Mums Online and Super Savvy Business.

Ms. Lewis no-nonsense approach to teaching powerful online business and marketing systems is helping entrepreneurs and business owners create their ultimate business marketing campaigns.

About the Ultimate Web Blueprint Workshop

It is a one day workshop to which business owners can enroll online, and where they will be taught everything they need to know in order to start a new career and earn money from home.

The Ultimate Web Blueprint Workshop is leading-edge training which teaches entrepreneurs to become successful in their activities: market analysis, customer demands, passive ways to earn an income, advertising methods on the internet and many more.

In Fiona Lewiss words, attendees at the Ultimate Web Blueprint will receive a brain-dump of all the key elements required to better their affairs.

All busy entrepreneurs and savvy business owners who want to find out ways to make profit online can attend to the next Ultimate Web Blueprint workshops that will be held all across Australia by booking their seats. Book a place now by accessing

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