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(PRWEB) March 9, 2001



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March 7, 2001, Bend, OR – ‘Build it and they will come’ is not always true on the Internet and the reason why AudetteMedia, publisher of industry leading discussion lists for Internet professionals is launching I-Content. I-Content, published every Wednesday in both text and HTML, will help answer two of the most pervasively asked questions by Internet marketers, ‘How do I attract repeat visitors to my website?’ and ‘Then how do I cash in on traffic?’

Marcia Yudkin, I-Content moderator, explains that content is so important in marketing because, “For some businesses, content is all they really have to offer, so it must be the main focus of their marketing. For other businesses, content enhances the value and appeal of their other offerings. In both cases it becomes essential to figure out the best ways to present content and turn it into revenue.”

I-Content will explore how to acquire, present and make money from useful writings, pictures and data both online and off. For creators, publishers, website owners, syndicators, consultants and consumers

of content, I-Content provides a forum for exchanging ideas about running a business that involves either free or paid material.

“Today we’re having to cope with reduced attention spans, information overload, increased hostility toward advertising and an expectation that on the Internet at least one should be able to get something for nothing. These factors all have solutions, but woe betide the Internet business that tries to ignore these trends,” says Yudkin.

“I think people are giving up too easy on the challenge of making content sites profitable on the Internet. There are tons of solutions that haven’t even begun to be fully developed and tested yet. I’m looking forward to people sharing ideas, successes and challenges on this front on the list,” she adds.

Marcia Yudkin has been a content provider for 20 years, first as a freelance writer for magazines ranging from the New York Times Magazine and Psychology Today to New Age and Ladies Home Journal, and now as the author of ten books, a syndicated columnist, a writer for websites and a content entrepreneur. She has implemented numerous transformations of content from one medium to another and studied methods of monetizing content, such as turning seminars into tapes and manuals and web visits into paid subscriptions. Her books include Internet Marketing for Less Than $ 500/Year (Maximum Press), Six Steps to Free Publicity (Plume/Penguin) and Freelance Writing for Magazines & Newspapers (HarperCollins).

Yudkin says she enjoys trying to come up with innovative ways to present information. Moderating a discussion list returns her to what she most loved about school — exchanging ideas — without the frustrations of having to grade students who didn’t want to be there in the first place.

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AudetteMedia, established in 1995, is the oldest and largest advertising supported publisher of discussion lists for Internet professionals. List moderators are experienced industry-leading experts who filter the information and knowledge that they receive from opt-in subscribers. Lists published include: I-Sales, I-Search, I-PR, I-Design, I-Wireless and I-Strategy, plus nine others. With over 100,000 subscribers, discussion lists published by AudetteMedia enjoy steady growth, due to the high quality of their content, which consistently delivers relevant and useable knowledge to the Internet professional community.


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