Content Marketing with Lisa Kaslyn of Prosper Communications

Content Marketing with Lisa Kaslyn of Prosper Communications
Event on 2013-11-14 19:00:00

About The Workshop

Content Marketing is the New SEO + Social Media…(Sort of)

Since the caveman scratched pictographs on cave walls, content has been the stuff that communications is made of.

Today, content has taken on a whole new meaning and level of importance in the world of marketing.

Giving your customers the resources to believe you is key. They become a fan when (and because) you have taught them something new  – – – something that makes them see the world just a little differently. Content has the power to affect change!

In this 2-hour workshop Lisa Kaslyn, Prosper Communications’ Principal + Chief Content Officer, will talk about the value and art of content curation as a great first step toward conquering the beast of content marketing for your business.

A must attend for any small business owner, marketing professional, and web-content junky.


About The Instructor

With 20 years of PR agency, corporate communications and search engine optimization (SEO) expertise, Lisa Kaslyn heads up Prosper Communications.  Her Prosper Method approach takes clients to new strategic marketing communications heights by blending public relations with SEO to impact visibility and findability in a marketplace that is increasingly driven by search and inbound marketing.

“It’s the effective blending of traditional public relations, search engine optimization (SEO) and other contemporary inbound marketing strategies that will continue to redefine PR in the 21st century.”

~ Lisa Kaslyn, principal, Prosper Communications



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