Content Marketing Workshop

Content Marketing Workshop
Event on 2015-04-30 08:30:00

Whether we accept it or not, marketing has changed. You already know that. You see the decline in your own marketing efforts; it has become less effective. This often leads to frustration, because after all, as business owners and marketers, we are trying to grow our businesses. Now it’s time to change all that and do something about it.

The marketing revolution is here, the brands that will last, are the ones who understand and embrace content marketing. As the growth of mobile and the social Web continue to explode, so will content marketing. Major shifts are coming to how businesses will do marketing. The consumer has “matured” as they now have unbridled access to the Internet. They are becoming more educated and informed as they consume content they find on the web or through their online social networks. Many will have done all their research online before they will have ever called you. The only question that remains is, are you ready for this shift? If not, you will continue in your marketing frustrations.

Our Content Marketing Workshop will help you develop a strategic content marketing plan that you can implement right away.


What we will do together:

  • 4 Hours Hand-On Training
  • Discuss Inbound Marketing and why it’s effective
  • Answer the “why” of content marketing
  • Develop an understanding as to why content is important in the eyes of Google
  • Learn about today’s modern consumer
  • Define your audience and Buyer Persona
  • Define the Buyers Journey and why it’s important
  • Map out your content to your Persona and the Buyer’s Journey
  • Develop your 90-day content strategy


You will receive:

  • Content Marketing Workbook
  • In-Session Exercises
  • 90-Day Content Strategy Plan 
  • Monthly 30-Minute Check-In Call 


Who should attend:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Directors
  • CMO’s
  • Entrepreneurs


Your marketing can become relevant again. Your business can thrive and grow in this new consumer-centric landscape. We hope you take the first step.

Contiental Breakfast will be served.

at TechDEC
565 Metro Pl S, #300
Dublin, United States

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