Content Runner Partners with Virante to Offer nTopic Keyword Relevancy Tool

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 21, 2013

Content Runner announces its partnership with Virante, Inc. to offer Virantes nTopic API through Content Runners copywriting exchange and management platform.

What is nTopic?

nTopic is a unique content relevancy scoring tool for Search Engine Optimization. Historically, many SEO professionals employed techniques that involved the excessive insertion of keywords into online content in an effort to emphasize the relevancy of the content and the keyword in the eyes of the search engines. While these techniques once paid dividends, they hardly made for compelling content. Additionally, recent changes by the major search engines have resulted in diminished returns on these techniques, or worse yet, penalties that have negatively affected website rankings.

The major search engines have clearly communicated that they are interested in promoting high-quality, relevant content to their users. However, they have not communicated how they measure relevancy.

Leveraging the topical relation Latent Dirichlet allocation model (long used by information retrieval programs), Virante has developed their own unique and proprietary model to measure content relevancy. This model generates an nTopic relevancy score on a scale of 0 to 100.

A keyword phrase and a related article are input into the nTopic API, which measures their topical relevancy. In addition to a score users are presented with keywords that can be added, and keywords that can be removed, to improve the relevancy of the article to the keywords.

Content Runner Adopts the API

As part of Content Runners continual focus on providing users with value-adding tools, the Company adopted the nTopic API, making it available to all users to help improve article relevancy. The studies provided by Virante, as well as live tests, convinced the Content Runner team that nTopic would be an extremely powerful tool for many of its users.

Users simply check the nTopic box on the Content Runner order form to engage the nTopic scoring system and are also prompted to select an nTopic target score. Articles that are submitted for review are presented to users with an nTopic score, after which, users and writers work together to adopt the nTopic suggestions if necessary.

Since not all copywriting is intended to focus on specific keywords, the tool is not mandatory. Users decide whether they feel it would add value to their writing projects.

About Content Runner

Content Runner is a writing marketplace and content management platform that offers a unique approach to online copywriting. Rather than create unnecessary barriers between writers and publishers, Content Runner creates an open environment that promotes direct communication. Content Runner also does not enforce a pricing structure on writing projects; instead, it allows users the freedom to define the offer price and to adjust the price based on market factors. The adoption of nTopic is one more indication of Content Runners ongoing direction of providing meaningful features to its users.

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