22 Replies to “Content Website Success – Part 1 (Topic Choice, Keyword Research, and More)”

  1. Great! You just solved me a long, frustrating, paralyzing problem… Whenever I start looking at the keyword tool for a website I want to build out of a big passion, I get confused and mostly frustrated by the results which leads me to just leave it and not do it. You just gave me that final “signature” by saying that going with your passion will lead to better results than going with the search result numbers. Thanks Lisa!

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  4. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa you are a Blessing to this world and also the internet. You really out done yourself this time with your two newest videos.. Thank You!!!!!

  5. Lisa, you sounded like a preacher when you started talking about keywords!!!! You were filled with the internet holy ghost! I hear you! Thank you for this informative post.

  6. Nice video Lisa, thank you. btw, On Amazon, you earn only for the first sale derived from your link (no matter which product it is), second product is all for them…

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