CONTOUR – Bam Margera and Steve Fisher Tandem Kayak Off One Massive Waterfall

Filmed 100% with CONTOUR Cameras Bam Margera and Steve Fisher drop a massive waterfall in a tandem kayak. Bam claims it to be the gnarliest thing he has ever done. Music Artist: The Young Werewolves Title: Now’s The Time
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to CONTOUR – Bam Margera and Steve Fisher Tandem Kayak Off One Massive Waterfall

  1. Wasteo says:

    Ебаный же в рот как страшно….

  2. drusid says:

    Yes Bam is starting to look like Phil, just 200 pounds lighter. I hope his children give him shit like he did to Phil :)

  3. wulff2142 says:

    owned by a camera company!! ewsh!!

  4. muttr says:

    Where was this shot at? location please

  5. wick3d85swe says:

    Hes fat now.. So yea seriously injured.

  6. TheWorldOfJames says:

    where is this?? i need to go there before i die

  7. chasem5657 says:

    Where was this ?

  8. Tyler Smallwood says:


  9. AllysinKayFan1010 says:


  10. ContourCamera says:

    Bam wasn’t seriously injured. He went to the hospital the next day. He hasn’t had surgery, just inflamed a past hernia.

  11. yobuttin says:

    Bam was seriously injured from this. Had to be rushed to the ER…major hernia that needed surgery. That dude is insane.

  12. brandon pudwill says:

    it wouldnt be a show without dunn

  13. Darkseid1337 says:

    jess already does

  14. rainbowsalads says:

    he could have drown wtf.

  15. musiccalgary says:

    Supposedly Bam had to go for emergency hernia surgery right after this video from this drop… Or at least that’s what he said on his podcast two weeks ago.

  16. Peligrazo says:

    Bam linked this 😛

  17. meRyanRocks39 says:

    Bam is gnarly as ever!! And he’s still skinny its just the suit -.-

  18. y0seph12 says:

    It’s metlako falls if I’m not mistaken. In the Columbia River Gorge on Eagle Creek.

  19. 85wex says:

    where is the waterfall?

  20. MrDamodalamo says:

    thats usually pretty common to look like your father

  21. lagabearz says:

    Aw he’s not getting fat. I think it’s just the suit

  22. asscvs says:

    Steve Fisher is a fucking badass!

  23. Morticia1n says:

    Bam Bam…you’ve turned into your father!!! <3

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