Controlling robots with your thoughts –

Controlling robots with your thoughts –
"Well, everyone knows about industrial robots used on production lines to pick up and assemble parts", says Schjølberg. "They are pre-programmed and relatively inflexible, and carry out repeated and identical movements of specialised graspers adapted …
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Cambridge robot maker aims to inspire kids
Cambridge robot maker aims to inspire kids. By Michael B. Farrell. | Globe Staff. May 03, 2013. Article · Comments · Subscribe. With 12-year-old Karina Heinold of Westford looking on, Joe Schlesinger enters. Mark Wilson for the Boston Globe …
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Boy With Severe Allergies Attends School Via Robot
Between classes Devon can remotely navigate the robot through hallways and greet friends on his way to the next class. The only time he signs off is for lunch and gym class or during the occasional dead zone when the wireless internet signal goes out.
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