Cooking up a desert storm in Jordan

Cooking up a desert storm in Jordan
Even in one of the world's most visited sites, packed to the gills with tourists and those who make their money from them, modernity and tradition sit hand in hand. And there's no better way to find that out than though the Jordanian food scene …
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The Daily Hilario: In no rush
Basically, every time you open a new tab (which I do a lot), instead of a blank page or the most visited sites or favorites or recents (none of which do I ever use), it shows a random Google Earth satellite image. It's way cool. I've traveled around …
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Updates, changes to security, could lessen POODLE's bite
In email correspondence with, Tod Beardsley, TK at Rapid7, expressed surprise at “how many decision makers of large, popular websites still are insisting on support for SSLv3.” Added Sigler, “POODLE is sort of a sequel to the BEAST and …
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