Cool new army tire technology

No more flat tires? Sounds good to me See the tires being used on a Pick Up Truck here:
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20 Responses to Cool new army tire technology

  1. rjww1756 says:

    beehives as wheels, who would’ve thought.

  2. Sebastian Perez says:

    no more flat tires

  3. ScottJackson117 says:

    No air.

  4. KarumaGaming says:

    I don’t get it 😐 what’s the point of it o.o

  5. nate perry says:

    cool but i dont think iwould want to to stop going 50 mph

  6. Heutske says:

    I want those! No more flat tires

  7. HULJF350 says:

    Not before a terrorist hiding behind a rock or something sets it off.

  8. AlmightyGTR says:

    Probably the only way Americans could develop a fully independent suspension system. LOL!

  9. Bill Hamilton says:

    None of that’s going to fucking matter when the truck hits an IED

  10. Mike Penske says:

    Material fatigue is a major limiting factor.

  11. FlosHore says:

    While it can be classified as a NPT. It more closely resembles and operates like a tweel. A rubber tire wrapped around lexible polyurethane spokes. The problem with the design is that as higher speeds (50+ mph) it gives off unwanted heat (larger friction area), also it gives off unbearable noise.

  12. Archabolt says:

    I wonder how well those would work if they got packed full of mud.

  13. DasRakel says:

    Pneumatic tires have a much, much lower rolling resistance than non-pneumatic tires like you see here. The military probably only uses these because they won’t puncture. Google “non-pneumatic tires”, I’m not exactly an expert.

  14. NativeEffect says:

    Actually it’s kinda common sense no?

  15. MrStoneKnows says:

    whats the profit of it?

  16. ShoutsWillEcho1 says:

    dang, thats pretty cool

  17. Hadron98 says:

    but he’s right

  18. FlosHore says:

    How so ? Enlighten us all on your all knowing knowledge.. You don’t know any information about the tweels, neither person can make either assumption on the video itself. You’re not using your brain correctly. Also obviously either of you never looked up this technology because the mile per gallon is unhindered for said tweel.

  19. waldorfno1 says:

    Why Oshi, funny how i stumbled upon you here 😛 

  20. yakumo885 says:

    If you think a little bit logic you know it is not good for fuel effciency. If you can’t think you have a big problem :p

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