Cool New Autonomous Robot – The Beginning of Skynet?

Cool New Autonomous Robot - The Beginning of Skynet?

The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab in partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Boston Dynamic tested an autonomous robot on J…
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19 Responses to Cool New Autonomous Robot – The Beginning of Skynet?

  1. meade816 says:

    Can’t get a cow to walk to a location by itself let alone do it carrying 300 pounds.

  2. EnigmaHood says:

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black. XD

  3. unambitious says:

    You’re right; I should quite literally have to spell everything out for you.

  4. EnigmaHood says:

    Oh and it’s “its” not “it’s”. 😛

  5. EnigmaHood says:

    At least learn how to spell “hypocrisy ” correctly dude lol. XD

  6. unambitious says:

    Hypocracy at it’s finest.

  7. mrtheblr says:

    I love boston dynamics!

  8. 2eath says:

    good luck finding a charger for that in the jungle

  9. EnigmaHood says:

    Sure there will.

  10. Sam Johnson says:

    watevr..there will nvr be a practical application 4 this…

  11. EnigmaHood says:

    What’s wrong with wheels? Trade your legs for a wheel chair and find out. 

  12. EnigmaHood says:

    Didn’t even bother to read your puerile word vomit kid. You’re a butthurt moron raging on the internet. Go get help, you need it.

  13. unambitious says:

    And legs don’t? Pretty sure I’ve seen some trucks get through several feet of mud…

  14. unambitious says:

    You said ‘shit’ about yourself; I merely pointed out I don’t care. Way to miss the point. All I care about is wisdom or the lack-there-of in people’s thoughts. And to drive the point home you’ve resorted to harried, anemic name calling. Lack of articulation, reasoning, and over-defensive posture are clear signs of someone that secretly acknowledges their infirmity. It’s ok, I’ve been there too.

  15. Sam Johnson says:

    well i aint seen noone take one of these dogs 4-wheelin 4-leggin? to me it jus aint replacin the wheel..mb freak u out a lil bit but….

  16. monberg1000 says:

    Wheels gets stuck in mud.

  17. Sam Johnson says:

    wat’s wrong with wheels?

  18. RealMysteryVids says:

    the “future” is here. raises a bunch of philosophical questions though…the kind from star trek.

  19. batmatt08 says:

    Allowing the soldiers to focus on their mission fucking please…. What an excuse to buy this shit next thing we will see is overweight soldiers why not buy burgers for them as well…..

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