Corporate Internet Marketing Firm Announces New Online Reputation Management Program for CEOs

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Mediasophia’s new online reputation management for CEOs is empowering executives with an Internet profile that supports building a strong network of partnerships and achieving business goals. How a person in power is represented on the web strongly influences readers and those interested in ones accomplishments and character traits that reflect success.

An investor will research a company to determine if it has what it takes to be considered for opportunity. When a team is in negotiation and deciding on a business outcome it is important that the people in power are perceived as accomplished and worthy of doing business.

The Internet has many forums to share positive evidence of character and accomplishments. Through news articles, press releases and blogs that share business transactions and stats a CEO can be highlighted as a professional that brings results. Through corporate search engine optimization, such informational content can surface for a company name search or its CEO. When a marketing firm implements organic optimization to highlight a client’s achievements, it creates a strong presence that empowers both the individual and the corporation.

Mediasophia is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design, Google Hummingbird SEO and online reputation management for CEOs. Its clients are represented as leading professions with powerful profiles and reputations that reflect success.

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