Cosmic Obsession – Daylife “Trimming the Window Sill”

(Watch me paint. That’s right.) We hope you had a great Saturday. I went over to www.cosmicobsession observatory this morning and Bob and I went to the hardware store, came back and got to work doing some finishing work before the rest of the finish work gets finished. The end gets closer each weekend that we spend on the construction of the building. The building is just a house for the equipment. Once we can start bringing in the equipment, we will begin to plan out our week ahead of time. Expect that a schedule and updates will be posted everyday on the observatory website. 2012 will not be the year we play catch-up. We hope you find time to enjoy the season. There is nothing better than happy family and friends. Take the time to be happy. I can tell you that is exactly what we do. Francis http

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