Could Robots Replace Jurors?

Could Robots Replace Jurors?
They vacuum our living-room carpets and cheerfully book us tickets on Amtrak. And pretty soon they may even drive us to the station. But could we ever entrust robots to decide the fate of a defendant on trial? If you're tired of being summoned for jury …
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Big Data Robots: Are They After Your Job?
big data robots Put together robots with big data analytics and you have a powerful mix that could challenge us for most of our jobs. Big data analytics allows us to leverage large amounts of structured and unstructured as well as fast-moving data such …
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Smarter robots and you
Robots. They're everywhere around us. We work with them in factories and use them in conditions unsuitable for humans. As ubiquitous as they are, relatively few people actually understand the underpinnings and complexities of these man-made creations.
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