Could You Have A Great Day?

Could You Have A Great Day?

One of William Murderface’s Classic Moments Involving His Codpiece And Klokateer 216. Hes a master at infiltration and sabotage, and of course he’s a trained killer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Could You Have A Great Day?

  1. ZyblixZone says:

    Season 4 Premiers tonight! :D

  2. Alxmir23 says:

    nice codpiece

  3. CaptPhantom says:

    Nathan: “We release you from your earthly duties! And I… uhh… doodily… I dunno…” *Throws torch on corpse* Murderface: “I get his pension, dibs!”

  4. MrGamergirl123 says:

    Lol he sounded like a pedo. All fuckin deep voiced, “could u have a great day?” Lol

  5. MadnessJeff says:

    ya thats good cockpiece

  6. ElPiggyConSombero says:

    what is this episoide called?

  7. DZP777 says:

    why isn’t this show more popular?

  8. kk6downing says:

    2 people didnt have a great day

  9. TheMixto says:

    @Shoobitibaba There’s something in the air that makes me feel like things are gonna go my waaaaay!!!!

  10. Godfather91290 says:

    Could you guys do me favor? Could you watch this great video? Could you do that for me? Thanks…

  11. kreugerpranka says:

    I always say this before leaving work.

  12. Peaserist says:

    1 person does Not have an octagons.

  13. Ymiriron says:

    1 disliker asleeps in some blood

  14. 1C9J9S5 says:

    no! i couldnt! your fucking cock piece ruined that for me!

  15. thecouchonfire says:

    favorite quote ever.

  16. itsloganbitch says:


  17. DragonflightProduct says:

    All bosses should be that nice.

  18. iRingoDrums says:

    98 People had a great day

  19. chiloecko says:

    it’s a codpiece

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