Counting the Cost – Sailing: Combining business with pleasure

Counting the Cost host Kamahl Santamaria travelled to Kiel in Germany for ‘Kieler Woche’ — the biggest sailing regatta in the world. Not only was it a spectacular event, it was a huge convergence of sport and technology. Sailing Team Germany has brought German corporate giants Audi and SAP on board to assist with its training programme for London 2012. Kamahl spent the day with SAP co-CEO Jim Snabe, talking to him about how SAP is offering the German sailors real technology rather than just sponsorship money. They also held a lengthy discussion about the state of the German and eurozone economy, and why Germany has managed to survive the crisis better than others. A 20-year veteran of SAP, Snabe spoke of the need for innovation and apprenticeships to keep employment chances alive for young Germans.
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