Couponvala Announces Plans to Include More Than 1000 Stores Establishments across India

New Delhi (PRWEB) November 10, 2014

Online shopping has changed the way people shop. Online shopping coupons have changed the way people shop online. In fact, online shopping coupons have become so ubiquitous that the first thing people look for is the offer of a discount voucher. Some even sign up to receive regular updates on the latest deals in their cities from such discount coupon sites. is one such site that is doing quite well in India with about 2 lakh visitors a month and tie up with more than 1000 leading online stores in India. Couponvala is a venture of EPM Online Marketing, started in 2010 and now a favorite brand among online shoppers who regularly subscribe to coupons that fetch them anything from 40 to 80 percent discount from online stores.

Buoyed up by the tremendous success, Couponvala has now trained its sights on taking a quantum leap and plans to add 1000 more new stores and tie up with even more local businesses in categories like shopping, travel, food, electronics, etc., across India to give their customers an enhanced service. Speaking on the occasion of the launch, a Mr. Mohit Jain, founder of Couponvala, said: It has been our experience based on observation and feedback from our customers that they would also welcome discount coupons they can use in more establishments and thus gain more benefits. We are open to their requirements and are actively engaged in the process of signing up more than 1000 new store establishments across India for an enriching experience and a win-win situation for all involved.

He went on to add that Couponvala has tasted success and in order to satisfy demands of its customers, it is planning to widen its scope and tie up with diverse establishments such as hotels, ticket and travel agencies, tour operators, restaurants and fast food joints, gift shops, clubs, cinemas, spas and beauty treatment centers in major cities across India. In time, Couponvala plans to cover all of India. According to him, one of the frustrating experiences for users looking for discount vouchers is the paucity of stores available at the moment on Couponvala. Couponvala is bridging this gap soon.

Ease of use of the site is another factor on which Couponvala is always working. They have streamlined the registration and sharing processes. Users can access discount coupons securely and receive them in the mail or on their smart phones in the form of SMS/MMS. This code can be shown to member establishments where they are honoured without question. He added that registration will also bring added benefits since Couponvala will send daily feeds of the best daily deals and offers so that customers can take advantage and gain whopping discounts on everything from clothing to mobile phones, furniture to fast food.

Discount coupons are in great demand, especially among the young crowd that believes in going out for entertainment and food. When they go out in a group, paying the normal amount would leave a deep hole in their pockets. If they have discount coupons from Couponvala, they can enjoy more and not feel the burden. We believe Couponvala is doing a great service to people and we will strive to improve it further still. Adding 1000 new stores establishments is but one step forward.

Couponvala has a defined system of adding store establishments. Anyone from a small bakery owner to a chain store can join and is given a rating after due evaluation. Couponvala actively promotes its sites and coupons thus ensuring steady clientele for store establishments.

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