Gets New Website Focused on The New Covered California Health Insurance Exchange For The Affordable Care Act

(PRWEB) June 23, 2013

The health insurance website is an informational website focusing on providing non-bias data on all insurance products. Its latest design and data is geared towards the Covered California Health Exchange that is set to start this fall. Individuals must purchase health insurance during this open-enrollment period to obtain coverage in 2014. Depending on the individuals coverage chosen will determine the cost; also the individual may qualify for financial assistance or tax credits that are paid to the private health plan chosen by using Covered California to assist in the monthly fee. California with lower incomes will be able to benefit because the cost will be lower in any of the plans they choose. The official site for the new health insurance will have a calculation estimator to determine how much insurance coverage one can receive based on income and the amount of financial support is allotted. If the individual already has health insurance through their employer that is reasonable, that person doesn’t need to do anything. But if the individuals health insurance cost is more than 9.5% of the household income, that person may be eligible for financial assistance supplied by Covered California. If the individual has insurance from an employer and applies for a tax credit, Covered California will decide if that health plan is affordable and will provide adequate coverage. If the health insurance is decided to be adequate and affordable, the government tax credit will not be given for the new insurance. Individuals may buy the same kinds of health plans from Covered California as they can from the private market, but only though Covered California can the tax credits be utilized. To learn more about the affordable care act and what it means for California visit the newly designed website here,

The new website and pages regarding the new health insurance set to be offered by Covered CA has important news and links to informative pages. The health insurance exchange allow individuals to search for health insurance over the phone or in person, or even right online. The individual will be able to compare health insurance options and determine if tax credits will reduce the monthly cost based on the persons household income. For those in California that have a pre-existing or past health condition. In the beginning of 2014, the insurance companies will have to offer policies to everybody even with pre-existing health issues. The health insurance companies also cannot use the current or past health issue to determine how much the coverage will cost. The individual can purchase health insurance coverage no matter of any current health issues, and the premium for the insurance cannot be different. Whether a person purchases insurance through Covered California or elsewhere, the individual may not be turned down for covered or even screened based on any pre-existing condition. Although it is important to note that this requirement only allies during the open enrollment periods. To learn more about the Affordable Care Act and what is means for individuals and businesses visit,

The website uses all the newest tools and technology to assist those seeking information regarding insurance. The website uses professional search engine optimization to assist the website in ranking for the most popular search terms. By offering this information through various different media channels they allow the consumer to gather as much valuable information as possible to make an intelligent choice about what type of insurance is best for them. The company gathers information from many state and federal websites and tries to relay it in an easy to read and understand format, so the information can be understood more easily.

About, the website is compiled with useful information about all types of insurance, and is edited by former and current insurance agents. The focus of the site is to provide up-to-date information regarding new insurance and programs. The website does its best to provide all available options to their readers and subscribers.

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