CPAC: Sheriff Joe’s Lead Obama Identity Fraud Investigator Meets With High-Ranking Officials

LINKS: CPAC: Sheriff Joe’s Lead Obama Identity Fraud Investigator Meets With High-Ranking Officials – – http://www.ObamaReleaseYo…

16 thoughts on “CPAC: Sheriff Joe’s Lead Obama Identity Fraud Investigator Meets With High-Ranking Officials

  1. There is no reason for obama to hide his records school, passport and all, if he is not hiding anything…there’s voluminous evidence of the obama citizenship scam, and that is the truth….

  2. You’re an asshole by default, due to you being an anti-American, seditionist birther. As for backing it up. The dictionary backs me up. GodsSeer (gotta love it when birthers pretend to be Christian lol) doesn’t know what the definition of “treason” is, if he seriously thinks Obama has committed it. Apparently you also suffer that particular foible.

  3. I don’t know does trying to make a complete stranger look like an asshole give your delusions more Douche’ness?BTW using the word(kind of a word anyway) truthiness is to imply that I am a truther is just another way to try and shut someone up by claiming they are crazy.That technique is getting very OLD.If you can not back your statement with something with more substance I suggest to keep your writings to yourself and save you the headache of trying to think of semi clever things to say!ASSHOLE

  4. WEll maybe if you could ever get more than a handful of people out to a birther rally, people might take you more seriously? You’d still be wrong, but you’d at least be a credible anti-american seditionist threat

  5. “How can these people be blind to the evidence” You don’t have evidence. You have delusions supported by a steaming pile of shoulda/woulda/coulda. These people aren’t blind to it, they’re just being polite. Because saying “get your seditionist, anti-american, birther bullshit off of my table and out of my sight. You’re stinking up the place” isn’t considered good politics.

  6. Yes one who commits treason is a traitor, but since you obviously don’t know what “treason” means, it stands to reason you also have no idea what a “traitor” is. You know it’s easy to find a dictionary. I can even point you to one online if you like.

  7. Hey Daniel- A traitor is one who commits treason, so before you try to demean someone else look up the words yourself. obama is a traitor because he has acted in treasonous manner many times as Jr. Senator and as the current unlawful occupier of the White House. I, for one, cannot wait for the irrefutable truth to come out and obama pays for his crimes against the United States and her people.

  8. This is a LONG ROAD going NOWHERE.The Criminal Politicians in DC ONLY entertain these men and their proof to keep us the PEOPLE who watch this stuff from going into full CIVIL WAR!As long as there is a shred of hope like this then the people will NOT move to REMOVE Obama and ALL POLITICIANS forcefully from office! In DC they ALL know who this man was and is,they KNEW he was a foreign born AGENT infiltrating the highest office in the U.S. TO DESTROY IT.Its what their MASTERS the 1% want!

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