Crack The Sky

Crack The Sky
Event on 2013-04-13 20:00:00

Crack The Sky

Since their debut album in 1975 (Rolling Stone's Debut Album of the Year ) and through their 20+ albums to date, Crack The Sky continues to put on high level live performances, punctuated by extreme dynamics, quirky rhythms, dual guitar solos, and Palumbo's lyrical/satirical view of the world. In a rare all acoustic show for Rams Head On Stage, the band will be drawing from their extensive song catalog with such favorites as Hot Razors, She's A Dancer, Hold On, Surf City, From The Greenhouse, & Robots For Ronnie. They will also include material from their summer 2012 release Ostrich.

at Rams Head Live
20 Market Place
Baltimore, United States

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