Crave – How to play April Fools’ Pac-Man in Google Maps

Link to the story – Clear all the power pellets in your town with Pac-Man for Google Maps just in time for April Fools Day!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Crave – How to play April Fools’ Pac-Man in Google Maps

  1. Chizman117 says:

    Doesn’t work for me :/

  2. heroiamarelo says:

    Does not work on my desktop here in Portugal.

  3. rafisofyan says:

    now press that add music button on the youtube player…

  4. Mine Blox says:

    I just played it on my phone. I didnt think it would work but it actually did. (btw I was playing on an iPhone 6)

  5. de rosa says:

    floyd mayweather was freaking out when he saw pac man near his location in google maps

  6. Jan Rick says:

    i wish they made it a REAL prank like when someone won the game of pacman there will be a jumpscare of freddy or any creepy looking pic!!!! xD

  7. Chris Pidgen says:

    Downvoted because “Pokemen”

  8. Mackenzie Fuller says:

    Pokemon! Make way for the Pac-Man!

  9. Unboundedominion says:

    Meant to look up directions to a place, spent hours lost playing.

  10. ClonerGaming says:

    how rare are the big ones? I found one right next to my school.

  11. Russ B says:

    Doesn’t work on desktop in UK ;-(

  12. The Vlog Channel says:

    its working for me thank you:)

  13. Young E says:

    If u get a chance check out my April fools video I believe most of you will enjoy it and please subscribe if u like it 

  14. Cool Joule says:

    April FOOLS! LMAO

  15. Michael Bayol says:

    pokemen. get out

  16. 2m says:

    Its an April Fool

  17. 2Radium226 says:


  18. Royce Warwick says:

    Poke(men) HAHAHAHHA 

  19. Tank_m3_ tanker says:


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