Crazy Blue Man in Scary Robot Makeup

Crazy Blue Man in Scary Robot Makeup

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Free picture about a blue man is cute and can be used for free. It was created by your best painting friend under the UV light. Be careful with blue UV, it can make models blind. No more than 10 seconds of UV for each take.

This photo can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

The crazy actor in makeup was cast for a scary scene in an insane film about the danger of psyco robots. Or maybe I just did not understand the concept of the dangerous game of this film scene.

The intense eyes of the blue men have a viral intensity for looking very deep into the souls of the audience. The colour spectrum of the light is very similar to the avatar film about blue aliens.

This portrait is bizarre in nanture, so as any portraits about replicants, cyborgs, robots or any of the artificial beings with different skin than the plastic of the androids.

This cute picture can be used for free. It is a beautiful example of the use of UV light in photography. UV light can make any attractive woman or man to become rather scary looking. Be careful with that cold light.

A man is an adult person of male gender. The sexual counterpart is the woman.

The appearance of the male skin is influenced mainly by hormonal conditioned skin differences, e.g., by the skin thickness and the raised suet gland secretion.

The history of mankind is stamped even today by the dominance of the man in political, intrafamiliärer and whole-social regard. Often this is founded religiously.

Robots are stationary or mobile machines which fulfil agreed duties after a certain computer program. However, the meaning has changed in the course of the time.

By the frequent thematization of robots in film and literature, the science also became carefully in this way of the machines.

The concept Cyborg calls a mixing being from living organism and machine. Mostly the people whose bodies are complemented permanently with artificial components are described with it.

Life forms whose origin and natural living space isn’t on the earth are called extraterrestrial life. The concept covers all possibly existing kinds and known manifestations of life of non-earthly origin.

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