Create a Small Law Firm So Efficient It Practically Runs Itself

Create a Small Law Firm So Efficient It Practically Runs Itself
Event on 2015-07-24 08:30:00
We help fellow small firm lawyers like you eliminate chaos, and transform your practice into something so smooth and efficient that it virtually runs itself. We do this by teaching you to tap stunning "automation power" to easily slash costs, boost profits, attract ideal clients, and run circles around smug big firm opponents. This 1-Day Mini Bootcamp will offer 6 hours of Louisiana-approved CLE credit for the following topics: How to Use Modern Technology to Improve Your Practice The 5 Key Principles of Online Marketing (applicable to lawyers) How to Identify & Attract Ideal Clients Using a Low-Cost Website How to Get Your Most Desirable Clients to Trust You Enough To Hire You—Just By What You Publish to the Web A Modern Lawyer's Guide To Efficient Email Handling Streamline Your Law Practice and Make the Day-to-Day Management a Breeze   The system is the one that Ernie Svenson used to make full-time money working half of the time he used to put in at the big firm.   And YOU can leverage the power of this system also…   Even if your current tech skills are limited to sending and receiving emails…   In fact, if you passed the bar you can get started in a matter of hours, without disrupting your practice.   So SIGN UP TODAY for this unique opportunity to turbo-charge your small firm practice.   SEATING IS LIMITED, and our events always sell out quickly!!! FAQs  What should I bring to the event? Bring your laptop computer, iPad, iPhone or other device(s) that you use to practice law when you're out of the office. Bring a sweater if you think you might get cold (hotel seminar rooms can often get frosty for reasons that remain mysterious). Where can I contact you with any questions? Call Ernie Svenson directly on his cellphone at 504-202-0688. Or email him at Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, you may transfer your ticket to another person. Please have the transferee let us know upon arrival that he/she is taking your place. Do you offer CLE credit for other states? We offer CLE as a convenience and bonus (meaning: we don't want to attract lawyers who are primarily interested in CLE credit). That said, we DO provide a uniform certificate of attendance that can usually be used to obtain credit in a state other than Louisiana. Our course was pre-approved in Louisiana only, but the uniform certificate usually works to get you credit in other states.  Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No you don't. But if you want to you can. (We keep track of attendees by using our digital database, which makes things faster and more efficient). The most important thing is to show up on time so you can get the most out of the seminar. Will Wi-Fi be provided? The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, but like all hotel Wi-Fi it's probably not fast or super-reliable. We always encourage attendees who have the ability to bring their own personal "hot spot" to do so. Will Power Strips Be Available? We try to provide power for attendees, but it's often difficult to count on (unless you arrive early and grab a good seat near an outlet). So arrive with a full charge on your important devices (and bring a battery charger for your phone and tablet) if you can. What have past attendees said about your Small Firm Bootcamps? Here are some comments we've received, or which have been posted to social media: "Best information I've been given in a seminar to date." "The Seminar provided a lot of good info on how to run the business side of things —and manage the caseload— more effiiently. It was well worth the money." "I liked the informal format, with various people adding to the discussion." "I like that the various speakers are present during all presentations and they chime in with immediately relevant points as they come up during conversation." "Getting an edge over bigger firms with more resources is necessary…this course provided certain methods to do that…" "The marketing discussion was really well done" "A lot of immediately useful information about running the business side of the practice—stuff I didn't know about."

at Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge
4728 Constitution Avenue
Baton Rouge, United States

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