Create Better Websites: Introducing Content Experiments

We’re excited to integrate content testing into Google Analytics and believe it will help meet your goals of measuring, testing and optimizing all in one pla…
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13 Responses to Create Better Websites: Introducing Content Experiments

  1. Amer Shahzad says:

    its really great….

  2. Anthony Topper says:

    It’s great they are trying to build this into Google Analytics. Sounds like it might take a little while to get it’s legs though.

  3. Lorrie Patterson says:

    How can I run a test on my website content? I get views, but no orders. What can I do about that?

  4. Shanny Fournier says:


  5. Robert Mayers says:

    Optimizer has been integrated with analytics now

  6. JoomlaPhotoTemplates says:

    What happened to multivariate test and out bound link tracking?

  7. Amardeep Yadav says:

    This is awesome for eCommerce websites to track the pages performance for the same products category.

  8. ITWorksSoftware says:

    I can’t see it in my account either. Why? Is it not available yet in Google Analytics? Is there something special we need to do to activate it?

  9. javier vilchis says:

    how can I see it in my account? is this only for GA premium?

  10. Kian Ann Tan says:

    Is this any different from what is offered in Google Website Optimizer?

  11. craigpaddock says:

    How can anyone say this is awesome or great??? This is a step backwards. No multivariate testing and you’re forced to send the user to different URLs. How can you test your fairly test your homepage when variations must have a different URL??? That could affect you results.

  12. Luděk Černocký says:

    And how can I run a multivariate test?:/

  13. adionsolutions says:

    Very useful thanks lets try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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