Create Textures & Patterns for Web Design – Photoshop CS6

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10 Responses to Create Textures & Patterns for Web Design – Photoshop CS6

  1. Weng Chu Con says:

    Where have you been man? i’ts been a while.. anyway, good tut as usual. thanks!

  2. xMajorBoss says:

    Wut’s wrong with comic sans?

  3. nishantve1 says:

    A tutorial on realistic stitched leather please please please

  4. ember fly says:

    That font looks dangerously close to Comic Sans.

  5. answerOfstupids says:

    +1 for shortcuts

  6. tutvid says:

    It’s a track from stockmusic[DOT]net. Run a search for “Rewind Tonight – Instrumental” that’s it. -N.

  7. tutvid says:

    I use an application called “Screen Virtuoso Pro”.

  8. nomnomSam says:

    Thanks for subtlepatterns :)

  9. Taylor Roti says:

    What screen recorder do you use

  10. JordiAndFifaFootball says:

    Nice, thanks! Intro song?

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