Creating a Business Website Given All-Access Through July 31st

Charleston, WV (PRWEB) July 22, 2010

Creating a Business Website is an easy-to-follow 10-part online course and PDF ebook download for business owners, marketing managers, and entrepreneurs. The series was created to guide readers through the most essential elements of website development and online marketing. Website Blueprint has just given free access to the Creating a Business Website series though July 31st.

Visitors will learn how to make the process of website development/redesign easier, how much web design costs, how to get help, how to create compelling web content, how to be found on Google, how to utilize email marketing, how to get more people to visit your site, how to incorporate a blog to greatly increase your online visibility, tips on local SEO, maintenance made easy, an introduction to Google Analytics (web stats), and the most popular resources for maximizing a small business web site.

Creating a Business Website includes:

Part 1 | Keep it Simple

Part 2 | Don’t Go Alone

Part 3 | Think Like Them

Part 4 | Get Clicked!

Part 5 | Build Relationships

Part 6 | Promote Your Website

Part 7 | Keep it Fresh

Part 8 | Test Drive

Part 9 | Analyze

Part 10 | Keep Learning

Creating a Business Website was developed by award-winning Website Marketing Manager, Gregg Murray. Gregg Murray is a website strategy blogger for, a website marketing contributor to The State Journal, and author of Website Blueprint: The Beginners Guide for Small Business Owners (release date July 31).

Website Blueprint provides simplified website consulting services to business owners, marketing managers, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Click here to get all-access through July 31st Creating a Business Website.

You may share, copy, and distribute Creating a Business Website under a license of Creative Commons.

Questions/Interview Inquiries:

Contact: Gregg Murray

Company: Website Blueprint

Phone: 304.932.4410

Address: One Creative Place, Charleston, WV 25311


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