Creating a Google AdWords Campaign

Creating a Google AdWords Campaign
Event on 2012-11-06 09:00:00

Course Description:  Search engine marketing campaigns and pay-per-click advertising target customers and allow your company to be seen in a competitive market.  Google shows your ads to audiences that are actively searching for what your company offers, saving you time and money by not advertising to the wrong people.  Students will learn how to implement a Google AdWords campaign and leverage its features to meet your advertising needs.  Navigate through the Google AdWords interface, set up a functional campaign, and analyze the results of this campaign in the class.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the capabilities of Google AdWords.
  2. Setup a Google AdWords campaign.
  3. Navigate through your Google AdWords account.
  4. Build a targeted keywords list.
  5. Integrate your Google AdWords campaign with Google Analytics.


Prerequisites:  None

Audience:  Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, Web Designers, & Key Decision-Makers.

Length:  8 Hours 


  • Trackable advertising campaigns with measurable return on investment.
  • More conversions.
  • Online advertising for the roughly 75% of Americans that are online shoppers.
  • Lower cost and better reach than print advertising.

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