Creating a Rockstar SEO Strategy

Creating a Rockstar SEO Strategy
Event on 2012-10-22 18:30:00

About This Class.

For a start-up, a marketing tool is a desired and needed weapon. It becomes difficult, however, to distinguish powerful marketing tools from others as prices are not always a good indicator. SEO is tailored to those startups with and without funding alike, as it is both one of the most powerful and an inexpensive one. The main advantages of SEO is that with basic knowledge on the subject, some time investment and motivation to get your business out there, you can already start getting results on your own.

About You.

  • Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur
  • PR
  • Marketer
  • Designer
  • Bootstrapper

About Your Teachers. 

Anji Ismail is a young french entrepreneur, who learned SEO on his own through discussions, conferences and a lot of testing. He is now teaching, in several Business Schools in France about Viral Marketing and SEO. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Capseo, a company that uses crowdsourcing to deliver more effective marketing campaigns on performance. The company just moved in the Bay Area and already has over 80 clients worldwide and 1400 qualified workers in its network.

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