Creating Columbia: A Mini-Course – REPEAT OF FEBRUARY COURSE

Creating Columbia: A Mini-Course – REPEAT OF FEBRUARY COURSE
Event on 2015-04-30 19:00:00


Columbia Archives continues to mark the road to Columbia's 50thbirthday in 2017 with this new mini-course. The course will begin with the announcement of the Columbia plan, explore the work of the planners and the legal team that followed and examine the hectic schedule of Jim Rouse during that period.

This course builds on the 2014 course which explored the land purchases and the initial planning process. For information on last year's presentations contact

Barbara Kellner, Columbia Archives Manager will be the presenter. All talks will be at Historic Oakland in Town Center from 7 – 9 pm.


April 30  Introducing the Plan. On November 11, 1964 James Rouse and his colleagues presented the plan for Columbia to Howard County officials.  It was the public unveiling of the vision of Columbia and the work of the planning team The session will focus on the plan and the initial reaction to it.


May 7  Inspiration and Perspiration.  January 1965 ushered in a year of feverish work as Columbia went from the idea to the business of building.  The details of planning and design, zoning regulations, institutional and industrial development,  information and public relations and the business of managing the 14,000 acres of woods and farmland was all consuming.  The session will paint a picture of the period.


May 14 – Jim Rouse Juggles Big Picture and Details. 100% Zoning Granted Today!!! read the telegram sent to Jim Rouse on August 10, 1965. Meetings, meetings, meetings.  This session will capture Jim Rouse’s schedule to illustrate the opportunities and challenges of building Columbia.

at Historic Oakland
5430 Vantage Point Road
Columbia, United States

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