Creating New Content for Blogs for Local Business Websites

Kennebunk, ME (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

An important part of local search marketing is providing unique and original content on company websites on a somewhat consistent basis. As the internet only continues to get bigger, however, more and more websites continue to pop up with the same, derivative content. This unoriginal content does show search engines that content is being added regularly, which is good. However, it scores much lower in the search engine algorithms that determine the overall rank of websites within search results. So, in order for websites to get better search engine results and thus be listed higher, fresh and original content is necessary. After all, it is no secret that being listed higher in the search engine results page brings more traffic to a website. My Local Leads assists local companies in the US with online lead generation efforts to keep the phone ringing and profits rising. These tips are helpful for companies looking to increase their reach online by creating new information for their website and blog.

Using content a company has already created, there is a possibility to come up with something new. It is quite possible for the company to provide a more in depth look at particular pieces of existing blog posts. It is also possible to put together audio, video, or an infographic based on existing information. Providing the same information in a new way is certainly load better than providing the same old data in the same old way.

Local companies may also consider investing some time in content curation. The organization is not wholly responsible for trying to put together new information to populate their blog. Instead, make comments on what others have brought forth. Take a new direction with the information provided. The company can find points to either agree or disagree with, both approaches work well in providing new online content.

Another great way to bring some fresh content to a company blog is to bring on guest bloggers. This works very well if they already have a following of their own. Often, the company can make a trade by providing a post for their topical blog. This can lead to some of their followers to find the company website. Do not just blindly post guest blogs, check for quality and originality. Also, be sure the guest blog does not contradict current branding efforts of the firm.

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