Creative Cocktails in May

Creative Cocktails in May
Event on 2014-03-14 17:00:00

New Design School has launched a monthly networking event for creatives and for people seeking creatives. It is held on the second Fridays from 5-7pm at various locations around NWA. Our third event event will be held at a TBD location in Springdale.

No paper ticket required. Save trees and reduce landfills. Tickets are only for us to gauge total attendance and learn about who is attending, however the Eventbrite App used for the digital tickets is really nice as it keeps you informed of other events in the region.

Event History

New Design School is dedicated to enhancing the design and greater creative community in Northwest Arkansas. We are also committed to develop networking opportunities for our students, alumni, instructors, board members, supporters and all who make up and support a thriving creative economy.

The first event was held March 14 from 5-7pm at Mermaids in Fayetteville with 60 attendees! Our second event was at 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville and now we look forward to meeting up in Springdale, Arkansas.



What is a hashtag you ask? Well it is just a way to "put a marker" on your social media posts, Facebook, Twitter etc. and then be able to track all that happened around the use like who was there, what happened and where. It builds buzz and your brand when you participate in the conversation by adding the hashtag in your posts.


Name Tags

In order to connect everyone a bit more efficiently we will have name tags with colored dots that identify as you as a 1. Creative/Maker 2. Seeking Creative/Maker Talent 3. Both. Deely boppers will be available to identify your category and if you so choose, a limited supply will be available for those that have the confidence for it.


Medium-Speed Networking NEW! 

There will be an optional "medium-speed networking component that you can choose to participate in so that we can all mix and mingle a bit more. Several tall cocktail tables will be set up and we'll ring a bell or have some pleasant auditory cue which will be the prompt to move to a new table/group.

There will be a cash bar in the space for your convenience, however, you can also pay with debit/credit and bring your cocktails and food from the The Hive into the ballroom/gallery space.


Have an idea of where we should host our upcoming events?

Feel free to recommend upcoming creative cocktail venues. 

For our second event we are implementing a suggestion for a "speed dating" concept! Thanks for your feedback!


Need a designated driver or a want to share a ride?

We have several people who are volunteering to be a "DD" designated driver so please let us know if you seek a DD. Let's face it, gas is not cheap so maybe you just want to share a ride from Fayetteville to Bentonville. Mother Earth appreciates it. Just send an email to Sonia at if you are seeking either a DD or shared ride.

How can we improve the event?

Once you attend and participate we will send out a short survey to attendees to get feeback on how the event worked for you and how we can improve it.

If you have any questions or comments about the event you may contact Sonia Davis Gutiérrez at 479-442-1443 or via email at


Thanks to our previous collaborators!

Mermaids Seafood Restaurant in Fayetteville was our last venue sponsor.

Amber Dawn Gardner provided entertainment at our last event.

Thanks Mermaids and Amber!

Creative Cocktails April is brought to you by…

at TBD

Springdale, United States

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