Creative Commons “Translate” symbol idea [100px]

Creative Commons “Translate” symbol idea [100px]

Image by cjuderock
This is my idea for a "Translate" symbol for Creative Commons. I plan on submitting it because I think there should be an explicit symbol for works people would like to be disseminated in other languages (though I realize "derivative works" can include translations). I don’t know if this exact design will get used, but we’ll see.

If this gets accepted as a new symbol, I’ll change the license on the symbol itself to a simple Attribution (BY) license, if not whatever the other symbols are licensed as. (Make sure to mouse over the symbol for a note explaining the design.)

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  1. amber_rk says:

    this is really cool!, i’m a freelance translator, and i’m looking for a pic to use at my blog…..can i use it?

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