Crisp Video Group Announces Comprehensive Legal Video Marketing Training Series at No-Charge

Crisp Video

Crisp Video Group has made a name for itself by creating beautiful legal videos for law firms all across the country. Their success has led them to create a free legal training video series to teach law firms how to produce their own videos and successfully implement them online for maximum effectiveness. The lessons will cover:

Setting a video marketing goal that makes sense for your firm

Finding the right keywords to target

Producing a video to generate more web traffic

Producing a video to improve conversion rates

The video equipment you will need to create your own videos

How to properly optimize your video on YouTube and on your website

How to grow your audience online using video

This series will teach law firms and legal marketers everything then need to know to create a video marketing campaign that generates leads month after month. To watch the video series for free, and start learning how to make video marketing work for you,click here!

About Crisp Video Group:

Along with corporate and small business video production, Crisp also specializes in dental video, medical video, event recap video, testimonials and commercials. They are a full-service video production company that serves the southeast and beyond. “Our mission is to help organizations tell their brands story through the power of video” ,adds Alex Damon (Marketing Coordinator with Crisp Video).

To learn more about Crisp Video and their service offerings; please visit their site at

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