Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. Partners with Roscoe Medical, Inc. a Leading Homecare Medical Equipment Manufacturer to Strengthen its Homecare Division

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2013

Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. has recently partnered with Roscoe Medical Inc., a leading homecare medical equipment manufacturer. This move is in line with the Cristia Medical Supply objective of establishing a one-stop medical supply shop for its customers. By embracing this partnership Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. is now able to strengthen its homecare division and cement its position in the market as a leading medical equipment company.

Just like other industries the medical industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from an adversarial way of doing business to the more effective collaborative partnerships. The thing with strategic partnerships especially manufacturer- distributor buy sell partnerships is that there is always something for everyone. Such partnerships help to streamline the supply chain while bringing value to both the manufacturer and the distributors.

According to Cristopher Cristia the CEO of Cristia Medical Supply, Inc., this move is set to enable the company to access new markets in the homecare sector that until now the company has not been involved in. The homecare sector has seen steady growth, and is expected to continue to show great promise as more people are reaching old age. This has lead the company to develop an aggressive strategy to target the homeare market. Part of this strategy has been to establish agreements with major manufacturers such as Roscoe Medical, Inc.”

The benefit of the partnership between Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. and Roscoe Medical, Inc. lies in the fact that both companies have a set of common goals. Roscoe Medical, Inc. manufactures thousands of top quality medical supplies, and medical equipment products while Cristia Medical Supply, Inc only deals with the distribution of such products. Both companies work to bring medical supplies and medical equipment to the market place, but their specialties lie in completely separate areas of the total process. The end result is that both companies can spend more to time focusing on what they are good at which leads to an increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction. There are many benefits that both companies enjoy from such partnerships. A few of the most pronounced are:

Lower overhead for distributors
Increased supply chain efficacy
Faster shipping times
More product selection
The introduction of new products more frequently

About The Companies

Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. is a leading distributor of medical supplies & medical equipment headquarter in West Palm Beach, Florida. They have a proven track record of affordability, and top notch customer service. They can be found all over the internet from Google Shopping, to Amazon, to Yahoo, and Facebook, Cristia Medcal Supply has a presence in just about every popular place online. They have continued to strengthen their online presence and continues to show promising growth.

Roscoe Medical Inc

Roscoe medical Inc, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of homecare medical products. The company manufactures an array of medical products including long-term care, homecare and rehabilitation products. They has earned a well deserved reputation for making quality medical products with innovative features while still remaining affordable.

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