Critics’ Picks Sankofa African Drumming and Dance Ensemble

Critics’ Picks Sankofa African Drumming and Dance Ensemble
Event on 2013-04-05 19:00:00
Rhythm Nation Gyane-Kwame Ahmia is a master of Ghanian Asante drumming who has performed throughout the U.S. as well as in Africa and Yugoslavia. For the last decade, he's taught West African drumming and dance at the Blair School of Music, leading the Vanderbilt student ensemble Sankofa in traditional songs and dances from Ghana. "Sankofa" translates to "return and retrieve" – suggesting Ahmia's intention to go beyond a retrospective approach to tradition and bring these cultural roots into the living present. Perhaps it's too glib to suggest that we all share this heritage as children of Africa, but at the very least we can thank Vanderbilt's global music program – and the Global Education Center on Charlotte, where Ahmia also teaches – for helping to broaden the scope of Nashville's living music scene. Admission is free. — Russell Johnston

at Blair School of Music
2400 Blakemore Avenue
Nashville, United States

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