Cross-Sell Reports and Dominion Dealer Specialties Join to Provide Interactive Performance to Dealers Nationwide

Norfolk, VA (PRWEB) January 21, 2015

Cross-Sell Reports and Dominion Dealer Specialties, divisions of Dominion Dealer Solutions and industry leaders in inventory management and automotive market intelligence, have announced the integration of Cross-Sell Interactive with Dominion Inventory Manager. Cross-Sell Interactive leverages market analysis to streamline dealership inventory, identify top sells, and determine the best places for dealers to target advertising dollars.

Previously, dealers have lacked the ability to accurately track their dealerships performance using only an inventory management solution. Cross-Sell Interactive provides customizable dashboard widgets, unlimited user-defined charts or graphs, market-based vehicle sales data, DMV title registration data, and the ability to track specific makes, models and custom segments. Actual market-specific data eliminates guesswork at the dealership by providing access to flexible and instant local sales data, as well as top lien holders that are specific to a dealerships market.

Shane Marcum, general product manager for Cross-Sell Reports, noted, For decades, dealers have relied upon Cross-Sell Reports to understand a store’s true performance. The use of market sales data still remains the only effective way for dealers to understand market trends that lead to the best inventory decisions.

American automotive dealers can now use the market-specific data to identify the best selling vehicles or competitors that are leading a local market. With Cross-Sell Interactive, dealers can understand market gains and losses, monitor the competition, and measure their dealerships local market performance at the same time. Integrating Cross-Sell Interactive also enables dealers to engage in more effective advertising planning by identifying the most effective media channels as well as geographical areas where market share is either being lost or gained. Such specific market information and the ability to adjust inventory immediately are combined features available only through Dominion.

Jennifer Ryan, product director for Dominion Inventory Solutions, added, Dealers are missing the opportunity to really measure their dealership’s performance. This unique and exclusive integration gives our dealers the measuring stick they need to understand actual performance as well as make immediate adjustments to best manage pricing, stocking and merchandising of inventory.

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