Crush Your Content 2015 – Design | Create | Schedule (without getting stuck!)

Crush Your Content 2015 – Design | Create | Schedule (without getting stuck!)
Event on 2014-12-05 08:00:00
FROM THE CREATOR OF THE 2 HOUR DIGITAL MAKEOVER: On December 5th I will be presenting a Content Marketing workshop entitled "Crush Your Content 2015". This is based on my recent work as an adjunct instructional design faculty turned tribe-builder and content marketer.  
You may have heard my content tips featured on the Digital Product Millionaire series, or read one of 20 stories my team curated into a book in just 20 days.  Now I want to show you how you can crush your content in time for 2015!
 Everyone knows that content is the new advertising – only better. Unlike other seminars costing up to thousands of dollars, this is a "Done-With-You" workshop, as opposed to a "Tell-You" or "Show You" Seminar. 3 Benefits of content– Doesn’t interrupt & annoy people (like other marketing)- Pull Based (they get as much of it as they want & when they want it)- Inexpensive (free to do a blog or host a video) I know your time is limited. Carve out time to get these outcomes:
– Schedule up to 3 months of content- Execute fun creative habits to rapidly extract and document your ideas- Stop the self-criticism bully it its tracks – so it serves you instead.- Options to stay connected afterward so you're not alone as you buildout your brand content. …and a whole lot more  

You're probably thinking… "SO WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS NATHAN?"
 I want to show you how simple fun and easy it should be to rock your content.
 Think about it, so many of us struggle with the same challenges — details- technology- organization- even plain old belief Shocking Confession:  I get worked up inside when I go to these seminars because I see the creative potential of the folks in the seats. I want to see you rock your content next year… and 2015 is almost here!
 THE GOOD NEWS –Content is easy simple and fun if you do it rightThere are a lot of experts that TELL YOU or even SHOW YOU how to do it.It’s too easy to miss it.I hate seeing people walk out of a conference with a ton of inspiration but very little implementation. 
This is a DONE WITH YOU workshop.
 I will show you how to take charge of your contentI will show you how to rapidly create solid contentI will show you how to automate and schedule your contentI will lead you through a process that builds out the first 6-12 weeks of 2015  Some of the techniques we’ll cover:

  • How to automatically create 60 second polished videos
  • Habits not more "harder smarter better faster" willpower
  • How to get 6 hours of video in just 4 minutes a day.
  • How to auto-drip your content throughout 2015

This is for you – if you’re a:
 Creative Professional – You want a proven simple system to automate your creativity.   Author – I will show you how to multipurpose your existing content in so many more ways so that it’s working for you. Seminar Leader – I will show you how to use your event for content building and then use that year round to fill up your next event faster and more profitably. Main Street professional – you have a physical location & you love F2F –  You also know you need to do more online but don’t have the time or roadmap… help is on the way!
Even if (like most of us) you don’t have the budget for an ad agency I will show you how to get similar results with your content.  
Here's a quick look of the sessionsSession 1 – Unlocking Your ContentSession 2 – Unleashing Your ContentSession 3 – Designing Your ContentSession 4 – Creating Your ContentBonus –       Rock Your Content Study HallSession 5 – Scheduling Your ContentSession 6 – Automating Your Content    GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR YOU100% No Questions Asked GuaranteeThe real investment is your time so I will set you up with everything you need to succeed.If at the end of this seminar you are not stoked and ready to keep your content rolling I will happily refund your money, no worries. 
SPOTS ARE LIMITEDMarkup your schedule and take your spot while you can!  I have purposely limited the seating for maximum performance. 
To Your Success,Nathan Eckel


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