CS 61A Lecture 1: Functional Programming I

CS 61A – Spring 08 – The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Instructor Brian Harvey Introduction to programming and computer science. This cou…
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19 Responses to CS 61A Lecture 1: Functional Programming I

  1. Clare Lafeverenakca says:

    This is kinda difficult topic for me.

  2. DaLastBoss says:

    Can someone answer my question: does he go into the writing of the interpreter in this series?

  3. wildgift2 says:

    While it’s true that js has closures, and is really a functional programming language, the code isn’t as pretty.

  4. tapasoflife says:

    nah leave in the school administrative stuff…this allows me to see how he structures the course. its interesting for me to see how he handles these issues.

  5. Darrell Vermilion says:

    After this professor retires it will likely switch to Python fulltime, but right now it depends on the professor.

  6. josh perline says:

    Isn’t this course Python 3-based now?

  7. Dino Chiesa says:

    Somebody needs to tell the instructor about Javascript. And C# and the Func type. He repeats over and over that newer languages don’t have functional capabilities like Lisp or Scheme, and he specifically iderntifies these languages. It just isn’t true. All of the behavior and mechanics he explores are available in other languages. You can do all the homework he assigns in Javascript, if you like.

  8. F3udF1st says:

    good lecturer, but scheme? haha

  9. TrumpetCallofGodLT says:

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  10. lovelplants says:

    oh old lectures but love it, it preserves the knowledge..

  11. IOYD56 says:

    [FFA][FD]Cs-antybiotyk.xaa.pl IP: Rodzaj: *[FFA]* Ilość slotów: 19 IP: Czas mapy: 30 minut Oferujemy: – miłą? atmosferę – profesjonalną administrację – dobrą rozrywkę

  12. Hickorychiclets says:

    I like this guy. Does anyone know if the lecture notes are available online?

  13. rfyl says:

    I took this course from Brian Harvey in 1989. He was one of the two best teachers I have ever had in my life, in any subject.

  14. frederikcreemers says:

    How can I dislike this course, the teacher is a beatles fan! (fool on the hill)

  15. mattiashowie says:

    I could listen to this man talk all day.

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  17. cageybee777 says:

    you guys claim that this is the best CS course in the world, but these playlists are terribly organized.

  18. dnmurphy48 says:

    The book this is based on is MIT, but he Brian Harvey lecturer at UCB

  19. FatalBlitzModz says:

    Really? It’s from MIT.

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