CS:GO Best Update Ever! GOTV Matchmaking Fixes ELO Ranking Leaderboard Oct25

WarOwl announces and goes over some of the changes in the recent CS:GO patch on October 25th. It looks like Valve really listened to me this time, because the changes are exactly what I’ve been calling for. I’m very excited about this!

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15 Responses to CS:GO Best Update Ever! GOTV Matchmaking Fixes ELO Ranking Leaderboard Oct25

  1. Nato4a says:

    I was pretty sure that those leaderboards were already there, I’ve looked at them before

  2. SirSpaniard says:

    It takes me more than 25 min to matchmake now… since im not ranked

  3. disownedpear says:

    im friends with two of the people who are right next to you in skill level, thats so weird

  4. noobgotowned says:

    I think it’s nice, but a bit unnecessarily long.

  5. Ev0CSGO says:

    I listen to his whole outro just because the Epic Elevator Music!

  6. SocialMechanic says:

    WarOwl is going to go big.

  7. ClockBat says:

    warowl! im starting to think that you work for valve!!! everything u says comes true!

  8. ATERIFA says:

    i miss the old outro :(

  9. 3xKAI says:

    I’m the warowl, and I still.. have no closer

  10. mortalcombat312 says:

    Warowl is just awesome. Needs more subs.

  11. TheyCallMeStan says:

    Me 2 but I don’t give a shit. I’ll stick with him untill he goed into his winter sleep.

  12. TheWarOwl says:

    Its one minute long and I’ll be putting it in every video from hence forward. It gives people a chance to click on links related to the video, subscribe, go to my channel, or be taken directly to a related video of mine. I don’t know, I for one thought it was spiffy. Hopefully some graphic art guy/gal will make me a better looking one HINT HINT

  13. ironyconfident says:

    In before warowl gets famous

  14. Varmperonsplitt says:

    What’s with the long outro?

  15. sic0man says:

    oh congrats on getting partnered war owl you deserve it with all the hard work you put into this channel 

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