CSGO: Ranking System explained | Beginner Tips (Elo Rating)

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23 thoughts on “CSGO: Ranking System explained | Beginner Tips (Elo Rating)

  1. I have 45 wins and im still Silver 2 but im Not that bad (i have an 1.4389 k/d) but the Ranking System is so messed up and i dont know Why i am Not Ranking up. 

  2. Didn’t know there was a silver ranks or gold. I always thought the one with the single ak was the lowest. Once I got my 10 wins I got a Legendary Eagle but eventually derank to DMG. I only won like 19 competitive matches.

  3. Wrong 1:38 .. You meet people from no ranks – dmg maybe higher. Depends how good you play. Since ELO dosnt know your rank they test with good and noob players. usually you have good and noobs on team aswell. And at 3:13 . Silver elite to gold ive heard is hard, never been down there so i dont know. DMG to EAGLE is the worst. Had 9 wins in row, almost top player all the time, didnt rank up. Still stuck at DMG

  4. Cool, everything seems right… ^^ WARNING PEOPLE: Russians and trolls and arguing people also plays the game…a…lot…of…them… D: So deranking may happen or ban may happen from you killing teammates because they are being retarded… LOL :D

  5. Kinda weird then, I played 7 matches last night, won them all at either top spot or second spot on the team, and I wasn’t ranked from silver elite to silver elite master. Then I had a lose streak of 3 and fourth on the team each time because my brain decided to stop functioning, but I wasn’t demoted… I mean I am glad I wasn’t demoted, but at the same time, I feel like that probably just reset the last 7 hours of play I just did.

  6. I wonder if you will reply to this comment… So, I used to be Gold Nova 2. I was going rampage on the games, 2.0-2.5 K/D minimum, assists, bomb plants/defuses. Many stars, ah yes. And I had to win 7 (SEVEN) games in a row to get to NOVA 3…. And then I needed only next 3 to get to Master Nova… And now I have lost one time, tied one time, won one time and CRUSHED the enemies one time. I wonder how much time will it take me to get the Guardian.

  7. I was put on a team with eagles when I was nova 4 once. Scary game. I assumed it was because it was quite late a night (well, early morning) and mostly advanced players would play at such a time so the matchmaker had no choice but to place me in such a match.

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