CSS| serp- frags #1

absolutely no edit, just to show some frags of mine over the past year or 2 www.rasta-gaming.com

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20 Responses to CSS| serp- frags #1

  1. KevakaKI says:

    Good stuff serp. Think we played u and ur guys a few times pz kev1nzzz MTF.Gaming (GER EPS)

  2. bibanator says:

    I know he was blocked by me 2 years ago

  3. freakynerd248 says:

    just give up on resolutioNN he is fucking retarded

  4. resolutioNNN says:

    your really smart

  5. bibanator says:

    Im 21 how can I be ur son inzest boi

  6. resolutioNNN says:

    ey, some hardcore raping your doing there son d: hahahah

  7. bibanator says:

    ask ur mum about the virgin thing.

  8. resolutioNNN says:

    hih badboy. Cute german you got there no lifer.. Im editing for fun. Im not addicted to it (Like you). Im better to stuff like football and other sports.. damn virgin

  9. bibanator says:

    what has this to do that I would do a movie about him? Okay ur account was blocked by me 1 year ago and I see ur editing skills doesnt improve a lot so I would say on youtube u can definitly shut the fuck up moruk. I dont know maybe you are in 1 thing good but definitly not in editing so dont open your mouth so fucking wide x) And no lifer if Im studieng, having a GF, going OUTSIDE at the WE. Und deine mutter die crackschlampe bang ich nach HONKONG ALLA <3

  10. resolutioNNN says:

    no lifer

  11. adamparkins says:

    serp has a stack of movies about him. Along with being the creator of PhP and WTF: The Reason, Vitriolic at TeX and Source of Reality he is by far one of the better UK gamers around and so has had the priveladge of about 10 mini movies about him. Dont think he has a full length movie though, could be interesting :)

  12. hprw1 says:

    tank already does a 1playermovie about him :/

  13. MrPgunna says:

    1:20+ LMAO @ that deag + awp shot. Gwan Serp-

  14. bibanator says:

    if you would have around 50 demos + lan footage I would do an 1 player movie.

  15. ackeb3r says:

    really nice

  16. NXvidz says:

    wow love the frags, someday would love to make a movie about you 😀

  17. adamparkins says:

    ridiculous frags :D

  18. JohannAllag says:

    really nice frags

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