CSS | Vitriolic Gaming at TeX ’09 [HD] by serp-

Subscribe for latest videos and updates! Steamworks and serp- presents a new highlight movie showcasing the games played during Vitriolic’s journey through TeX 09. The Vitriolic Team was: HaZ Giftig Helblinde Fifflaren Majk They went through the group stages with style, beating Imba Unknowns and GET4. In the elimination bracket, they went on to beat Kuwait, Reason Gaming (epic game) and Diamondz. However, they went out to finish 3rd in the competition by losing to Redline and Dignitas. The movie covers all the games they won, expressing the emotion felt by the team in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the other 2 games against Redline and Dignitas couldn’t be featured in this movie due to a lack of HD space. Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed producing it. Songs (in order): London Elektricity – Just One Second Spor – Aztec Jonny L – Evah Sub Focus – Rock It Linkin Park – What I’ve Done (Instrumental Version) Kaleb – Dusty Blinds The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to CSS | Vitriolic Gaming at TeX ’09 [HD] by serp-

  1. Krucial8 says:

    ‘Paul’s looking at me oddly’

  2. fanatei says:

    1200 😀 еее я буду 1201 ;D

  3. matthewzz1997 says:

    Great vid :)

  4. eLeVen101000 says:

    plss sub this community youtube.com/user/DirtyCommunityDevil Its a new community plss thumbs up so everyone can see

  5. cyNNN1337 says:

    Wow that match against reason gaming was amazing!

  6. Krucial8 says:

    jesus, feels like it was on last week!

  7. sensatioNBITCH says:

    cs:s is gone ;( ofc i like cs:go but its not the same, i dont got these amazing feelings winning a clutch

  8. doffius says:

    When the retake starts at 5:56 i feel goosebumps over my whole body.

  9. VilhelmseNNN says:

    ReDeYe all the way 😀

  10. 1337chase says:


  11. germas369 says:


  12. prixolicious says:

    i know now 😉 saw him on the cph games stream :))

  13. MegaRocket00 says:

    The commentator’s name is ReDeYe :)

  14. Emilio Orbay says:

    Hehehe 😀

  15. MadhatterPr0ductions says:

    ehhh the 2004 was very bad even I remember that xD but still :(

  16. Emilio Orbay says:

    2004-2010* 😀

  17. MadhatterPr0ductions says:

    Seriously, R.I.P. Source 2005-2010 :(

  18. Александр Якупов says:


  19. SolarDensity says:

    R.I.P Source engine :(

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